2013 Turner is exhibited in two important group shows on the history of color photography this year. Milwaukee Art Museum is presenting “Color Rush: 75 Years of Color Photography in America”, February 22 through May 19, 2013. At the Amon Carter Museum, “Color! History of Color Photography”, fall 2013.

2012-2010 Rangefinder - “Pete Turner Personal Selects”, June 2011. Tim Mantoani, “Behind Photographs: Large Polaroid Portrait Project”. Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York, “Summer Place” July 22-September 25. D+D plus (Korea) April. Magazine (China) May. American Photo, “Destinations”, May. “Contact Sheet”, Ammo Books. The Online Photographer: The Contact Sheet from Ammo Books. “100 New York Photographers”, Schiffer Books. Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, “Beyond COLOR: Color in American Photography, 1950-1970”. September 16-October 23. Orenda Art International Paris, France: exhibition Pete Turner, October through November 22, 2010.

2009 Color Magazine: Pete Turner, “Pushing the use of Color”. Featured photographer “Real?”exhibit at the Danish Fotomuseum, Herning, Denmark. Pete Turner '56: Legends of the Lens “ - RIT University Magazine. Jazz Wax, “Pete Turner: Album Covers Part 1 & 2”. Pamela Williams Gallery, Amagansett, NY, October through December.

2008 Double Exposure June, Where the Past Meets the Future, Bomb Summer #104 Ginsberg in India, Begins new book on his early color work done in the 1950's with the tentative title: "Discoveries". Eastman House Podcast, Perception and Imaging by Richard D, Zakia, Photo (France) April 2008, DFOTO (Ukraine) May 2008, The Album Cover Art of Pete Turner, YouTube- Pete Turner: Empowered by Color.

2007 Digital Photo Pro (USA) "The Dr. No of Photography", Epson Focal Points, New York Times Book Review, Vanity Fair January, "The Esquire Decade". George Eastman House exhibit, "Pete Turner: Empowered by Color", Traveling exhibit available through 2010. Rangefinder February, "The Color of Pete Turner", Amateur Photographer (UK) July, RIT University Magazine July, GEH Image Magazine Spring, Digital Camera (UK) November, Discover December.

2006 Returns to Mexico to work on “Walls of Light” project and to photograph series for Adobe Lightroom content. Commences printing for George Eastman House exhibit, “Pete Turner: "Empowered by Color” which opens August 12, 2006. Finishes book on jazz album covers, “The Color of Jazz”, Rizzoli release September 5. Nikon: Looking in on the Legends. September 15, George Eastman House lecture "Pete Turner: Empowered by Color”, followed by reception and book signing at George Eastman House. American Photo September/October, "Master Class: Pete Turner". November 26 through January 31, "The Color of Jazz” exhibition East End Books Gallery & Music, East Hampton, NY. New York Times Book Review, Holiday Books review, December 3rd. Filter magazine issue #23, “Out of the Blue: the jazz photography of Pete Turner”.

2005 Rizzoli to publish "The Color of Jazz"(fall '06 release). Refoto (Serbia and Montenegro) April. "The Polaroid Book" Barbara Hitchcock. Taschen, 2005. Arquitetura & Construcao (Brazil) October. Works on exhibit scheduled for fall '06 at the George Eastman House which plans traveling exhibition for 2006 through 2009. CA Photography Annual 46 Best of ASMP Exhibit and ASMP Bulletin.

2004 George Eastman House becomes the major repository of Pete Turner's work. Digital Photo Pro (USA) March/April "Carried By Color". Photo Techniques (USA) November "More Mastering Digital Photography" Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, Colorado. "Seduced by Color" Fashion Institute Of Technology NYC Group Show. Continues work on "Walls & Light” project.

2003 Travels to Brazil and does Canela Master Workshop with Fernando Bueno. Returns to Mexico. Digitalis Foto (Hungary) July “Galeria: Pete Turner”. CA Photography Annual 44. Begins work on “The Color of Jazz” book with designers Hopkins/Baumann with foreword by Quincy Jones. Double Elephant Editions publishes 78 portfolios “Pete Turner Selected Color Images” Nikon World Legends. Photographs in Hawaii.

2002 The Times Journal of Photography (India) January "Pete Turner" Returns to Mexico to work on his "Walls & Light" project. Travels throughout Spain . Popular Photography (USA) April and July. CA Photography Annual 43 August. Popular Photography (USA) November “Pete Turner Film Master”. Nikon World Special edition “Pete Turner Color Scheme”.Travels to Paris and additional work becomes part of the permanent collection of the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Paris.

2001 “Pete Turner African Journey” is published (Graphis). Travels to Mexico and photographs colors and shapes of Architect Madaleno. Studio Photography & Design (USA) January. Popular Photography (USA) March “Final Frame”. ASMP Bulletin Cover March. Photo Insider (USA) March/April “Pete Turner's Journey to Africa” Rangefinder (USA) April. Outdoor Photographer (USA) May, “Master of Color”. CA Photography Annual August. Photovision September/October. “There and Back”. Shutterbug November “Exclusive Interview” “Shapes of things to Come”, “Rolling Ball” and “Future World” become part of the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

2000 PDN Legend "Pete Turner in the eye of the storm" Receives The Professional Photographer Of The Year Award from PMDA on 2/2/2000 in Las Vegas, Nevada. East Hampton Star "Profile” (USA) January. Studio Photography & Design (USA) January. Peterson's Photographic "profile" (USA) March. Advertising for Philip Morris, "Adventure Team" Germany. "Pete Turner African Journey Exhibit." Lizan-Tops Galllery, East Hampton. Travels to Hong Kong and goes on press with Dai Nippon for the printing of "Pete Turner African Journey" Graphis, 2001. Voted by PDN as one of the 20 Most Influential Photographers.

1999 Son Alexander is married to Chistina Mace on Hydra, Greece. Photographs Greek Islands. Studio Photography & Design (USA) May. Communications Arts Photography Annual. Advertising for Saab Automobiles. Photographs Loire Valley, France. Work becomes part of the permanent collection of the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Paris.

1998 Travels to Southeast Asia. Photographs Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. Photo Insider (USA) Fall. C.A. Photography Annual (USA). Popular Photography (USA) Nikon World Magazine May. Work becomes part of the permanent collection of the Modena Museum, Italy and the Portland Museum of Art, USA.

1997 January 1st launches the Pete Turner Website http://www.peteturner.com and is featured in the Photoserve Gallery. Starts work on Africa book with the working title "African Journey." Massimo Vignelli designer with introduction by Gordon Parks. Advertising for National Geographic Explorers Hall. Travels to Chile and Patagonia. Photographs in Tuscany, Italy.

1996 Returns to Heimaey, Iceland and rephotographs the island from the original positions during the eruption of 1973. Photographs icebergs in South Greenland. "Ernst Haas & Pete Turner," The Center for Photography, St. Louis, MO. "Masters of Color Photography," Lizan-Tops Gallery, East Hampton, N.Y. Life Magazine "Volcanoes" (USA) June. C.A. Photography Annual (USA) August. Advertising for NIkon.

1995 Returns to Africa: photographs Namibia and South Africa. "Exhibition Twen"Munchner Stadtmuseum, Germany. "The Color Red" A C C Rheinhallen, Agrippinawerft, Cologne, Germany. One man show of pigment transfer prints "Pete Turner Photographs," The Center for Photography, St. Louis, MO. "Long Island Photography Exhibit," Lizan-Tops Gallery, East Hampton, Popular Photography color (USA) April. The Rangefinder "Pete Turner" (USA) C.A. Photography Annual (USA) August. Nikon World Magazine "The Long Run" (USA) Fall. Advertising for Cambridge Diner, Philip Morris.

1994 Photographs New Zealand and the gold coast of Australia. Begins printing with the Evercolor pigment transfer process which is similar to the dye process but uses four layers one of which is black. Corso Di Photographa Pete Turner Tutti Fotografi (Italy) March. Photo Pro, "The Shape of Things To Come," (USA) May/June. Life special issue "Earths Wonders" (USA).

1993 Works on the "Adventure Team" for Philip Morris . Travels through the southwest with a lama aerospacial helicopter. "Traditions of Looking," Institute of American Indian Arts Museum, New Mexico. Practical Photography, "Surreal Worlds of Pete Turner," (UK) March. Photo 300th Anniversary (France) April. Chinese Photography , "Pete Turner," (PRC) March.

1992 Consolidates Carnegie Hall Studio to Wainscott Studio. Photographs Hong Kong, mainland China and the gardens of Japan. Optical printer is installed in new studio. C.A. Photography Annual. Advertising for Bacardi.

1991 Photographs the gardens of England and Scotland. One man show the Photographer's Gallery, Palo Alto, CA. "The Toppan Collection" selections from the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography at the International Center of Photography, N.Y. A.S.M.P. "10,000 Eyes," International Center of Photography, N.Y.Peterson Photographic, (USA) April. Camera and Darkroom (USA) September.

1990 Travels to Holland, as part of on-going personal work on gardens of the world. One man show at The Laguna Beach Gallery of Photography , Laguna Beach, CA. "The Indomitable Spirit", Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, CA. and International Center of Photography, N.Y. Photo Pro, "Special Interview With Pete Turner", (USA) Spring. Color Foto, "Homo Farber" (Germany) September. Longevity, "Earth Fever", (USA) February. Advertising for BMW motorcycles, General Motors, Jenson Car Audio.

1989 The Wainscott studio is completed. Work becomes part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Photography , Tokyo. Idea#214, "Pete Turner", (Japan) May. Advertising for General Motors, BMW motorcycles.

1988 Starts photographic study of the formal gardens of Europe. Photographs Vaux Le Vicomte. "The Art of Persuasion", International Center of Photography, N.Y. "Master Photographs From PFA Exhibitions", International Center of Photography and World Tour. Photographers Forum Volume 11-#1, exclusive interview: "Pete Turner" (UK) November. Advertising for Insurance.

1987 Breaks ground for new Wainscott studio and home in East Hampton, which is linked electronically to the Carnegie Hall Studio with a two way color still video system. Signature, "Chromatic Fantasies". (USA) March. Photo Design "Pete Turner" (USA) March/April. Graphis 289 . Fleckhaus (Switzerland) May/June. Advertising for Michelin Tire, Bell Atlantic, Chase Manhattan, Control Data, Vantage.

1986 Work becomes part of the permanent collection of the International Center of Photography , New York. Turner has now received more than 250 awards from various design groups and photography associations including numerous gold and silver awards of excellence. Studio Light , Kodak (USA) issue #1. Advertising for RCA, Myers Rum, Bell Atlantic, Vantage.

1985 Harry Abrams publishers begin production of monograph "Pete Turner Photographs". Starts on design of new studio in Wainscott studio in East Hampton. One man show "Personal Best," Daytona Beach Community College, Florida. Science Digest, (USA) "Australia's Pinnacles Desert" August. OMNI (USA) "Skyshrine". Darkroom Photography , "An Interview With Pete Turner" (USA) December. Advertising for Vantage, Bell Atlantic.

1984 Work becomes part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 40th ASMP Anniversary Exhibition for world tour. "The Professional Photographers Showcase", Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida. Geo (USA) India Ghost City, March. OMNI (USA) "Plasma Under Glass" October. Zoom (France) December. Advertising for Canadian Club, RCA, Pacific Telesis, AT&T.

1983 Travels to Australia. Lectures in Australia and travels to the outback. Travels to India and returns to Africa with Harold T.P. Hayes to photograph the Serengeti. Camera Craft, (Australia) April 1983. Advertising for Canadian Club, Citibank. Photographs Ernst Haas at the Carnegie Hall studio.

1982 Featured cover story in American Photographer Magazine. Hosts "The Photographer's Eye", a twenty-nine episode television series sponsored by Nikon, in which Turner converses with other top photographers. Contact Sheet, "The Secret of Creative Photography" by Al Gruen, Amphoto (USA). Camera, (UK) January. Advertising for Cinzano, Citibank, Panasonic, Eastman Kodak.

1981 Receives the "Outstanding Achievement in Photography" award from the American Society of Magazine Photographers. Travels to Easter Island. Studio Photography, (USA) January. Today's Photographer (USA) December. Advertising for Citibank, Danskin, Technics.

1980 Works on the American Airlines campaign traveling throughout the Caribbean. International photographic event, Satakunta Museum , Finland. Il Fotografo, (Italy) June. American Photographer (USA) November. Advertising for Polaroid, Sperry Rand, Kohler.

1979 Conducts color dynamics workshop in Venice under the auspices of Unesco and The International Center of Photography , New York. One man show at the Boris Gallery of Photography, Boston. With the city of New York and the support of Warner Brothers, The Space Gallery curates "New York in Color," a celebration of color photography on fifth avenue. Photographer's Forum, (USA) August. Fotomagazin , (Germany) October. Travels to Brazil. Advertising for United Airlines, Motorola, British Airways, Ford, Kohler.

1978 Works with Douglas Trumbull and Steven Spielberg on special effects stills for the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." One man show The Space Gallery, New York. Kimbell Museum, Fortworth, Texas. Mainliner Magazine, (USA) August 1978. Camera 35 Photo World, (USA) August. Advertising for Union Carbide, IBM, GTE . Photographs Richard Dreyfus, Paul Sorvino.

1977 Opens The Space Gallery with photographers Jay Maisel and Ernst Haas in an effort to promote color photography as fine art and to present the work of contemporary color photographers. Reine Turner is curator. One man show "Realisiarte Impressionen" in Zurich. One man show at Thumb Gallery, London. "Jazz Landscapes" Zoom Magazine (France) January/February. Camera 35 (USA) December.

1976 One man show, "Time Space in Color: A Retrospective," Designed with Will Hopkins, at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Show later travels to Paris. "Parallax: Perspectives on Photography", M.I.T. Boston. Photo (France) publishes two portfolios in the September & October issues. Advertising for IBM, Shell Oil, Unites Airlines, Kellogg's.

1975 Photographs Moscow for Time-Life Books series "In Just Seconds,"International Center of Photography, N.Y. "The Art of Color," International Center of Photography, N.Y. Advertising for Dupont, Goodyear, Winchester, Audi, Polaroid SX70.

1974 Travels to Brazil, Peru, Europe, Egypt, and East Africa. "The Eye of the Beholder", Squibb Gallery. Joins in the forming of The Image Bank (TIB) in New York City. Advertising for Fuji, Rolls Royce, Danskin International Harvester. Published in Life Magazine special issue of "A Day in the Life of America." Photographs Liv Ulman.

1973 Photographs "New Dawn", volcanic eruption in Heimaey, Iceland. "Probably the turning point for my photography. I had seen an article in the New York Times about the volcano that morning and I flew there that evening. It was like being in the center of a science fiction movie! This whole town was a very active volcano and I was experiencing the ultimate reality trip. This was a focal point for me and I decided to get more involved in conceptual photography." Advertising for Coty, American Airlines, Chase Manhattan Bank, Xerox.

1972 Receives Gold Award of Special Merit from the Art Directors Club of New York for the essay in Twen Magazine (Germany) on Black Beauty designed by Willy Fleckhaus. "Alexey Brodovitch & His Influence", Philadelphia College of Art. Photo, "Une Super Gallerie Couleur" Pete Turner, (France) May. Foto (Stockholm) June/July. Foto (Germany) September. Advertising for Talon Zippers, Elizabeth Arden, Revlon, Clairol, Nikon, American Airlines, Dewars, Timex, Volkswagen.

1971 Esquire publishes "God's Ears," personal photographs of Maasai tribesmen. Foto (Stockholm) June/July. Foto (Germany) September. Advertising for Dewars, Avianca Airlines, US Army, Polaroid, AGFA, Dupont, PPG, Bausch & Lomb. Photographs Abby Hoffman.

1970 Travels to Africa with Harold T.P. Hayes, who suggests the "God's Ears" project which was photographed in Namanga, Kenya, and photographs "Cheetah" at the Amboselli Park in Kenya. Photographs Swaziland, Mozambique, South Africa. "Best of Twenty-Five Years", ASMP, New York Cultural Center. "The Photograph as a Permanent Color Print", New York Cultural Center. Photo Magazine #30 publishes "La Quete Des Couleurs Sauvages" Pete Turner (France) March. Advertising for Fieldcrest, Univac, Arrow Shirts, Canadian Club, Faberge, Benson & Hedges. Benson & Hedges was the image of a cigarette caught between an elevator door. Photographs George Benson's record album "Abbey Road". Photographs Quincy Jones, the Warhol gang and Tiny Tim.

1969 Son Alexander is born. One man show at The Photographers Gallery, New York. Returns to the South Pacific. Advertising for Chrysler, Seagrams, De Beers, Klm Airlines, Breck, ACF, South African Airlines. Travels to Europe. Photo Magazine publishes "Pour Lui la Couleur est un Choc" Pete Turner, (France) June.

1968 Moves studio to Carnegie Hall building at 154 West 57th street, New York City. Photographs "Black Beauty", a personal project publishes in Look Magazine. One man shows are exhibited at Photokina in Cologne, Germany, and at the George Eastman House , Rochester, New York. The Eastman exhibit travels later to over 52 countries on all continents through 1971. Receives Photokina award, Koln, Germany. Photographs George Benson for CTI Records.

1967 "Photography in the Fine Arts V", group show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. Esquire publishes "Thirty Million Miles of the Greatest Show on Earth" a landmark photo essay on the "Believe It or Not" wonders of the South Pacific and Asia, (USA) August 1967. Popular Photography publishes "Pete Turner Right Now." Travels to Taiwan to photograph Steve McQueen and Richard Attenborough in the movie "Sand Pebbles" for Look Magazine. Advertising for Prudential Insurance, Clairol, Autolight, AT&T. Works with Creed Taylor on the A&M jazz series. Photographs Wes Montgomery, Milton Nascimento and many other jazz artists. Returns to New Guinea for Look Magazine.

1966 Opens first studio in New York City. Shifts his main emphasis from editorial to advertising photography while pursuing personal work. Turner's images increasingly reflect the surreal. He begins to explore the manipulation of reality through photography. Travels to Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to do the entire Scandinavia issue of Holiday Magazine. Photographs Portugal for TAP Airlines. Photographs Hong Kong, Mexico, Italy. Camera Magazine "Pete Turner" by Allan Porter, January (Switzerland). Photographs Loren Eisley.

1965 Marries Reine Marie Francoise Angeli. Named one of the Outstanding Young Men of America by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, New York. Inducted into Who's Who in America. "Photography 1965 International", George Eastman House. Works on the movie "Is Paris Burning?" and photographs Orson Wells. Portfolios in Domus #425 (Italy) and in Mainichi Japan (May). Advertising for Tenneco, Timex, and Debeers.

1964 Awarded Outstanding Alumnus Merit by Rochester Institute of Technology. Returns to East Africa and photographs "The Giraffe". This image, one of his most widely published, illustrates Turner's growing interest in treating color as a graphic element. Photographs Egypt for Holiday Magazine. Travels to Beirut for Sports Illustrated. Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India for Esquire Magazine.

1963 Group show "Mostra Biennale Internationale Della Fotografia" , Venice. Group show "Photography in the Fine Arts IV," Metropolitan Museum, New York. Continues work on the Esso campaign and Goodyear. Photographs the South Pacific and India. Sports Illustrated publishes major essay on the beauty of the golf masters in Augusta, Georgia. Photographs John Dos Passos. Works with John Houston on the movie "Night of the Iguana" and photographs Ava Gardner. Travels to Japan, Thailand, and New Zealand.

1962 Begins major advertising work. Works on the ESSO campaign. Editorial photography appears regularly in Esquire, Holiday, Twen (Germany), and Sports Illustrated. Travels to Columbia and Peru and works on the movie "Cleopatra" photographing Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

1961 Esquire publishes photo essay on the railroads in America, "Pavane for the Iron Horse" (USA) December, which marks the beginning of a long friendship between Turner and editor Harold T.P. Hayes. Group show: "Photography in the Fine Arts," Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Photographs president John F. Kennedy. Photographs Ibiza, Spain and special Esquire issue on sophistication

1960 International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, Rochester, New York purchases "Rolling Ball" for their permanent collection. Horizon Magazine publishes "A Brilliance In the Bush" and eight- page photo essay on the N'Debele Tribe of South Africa.

1959 First major assignment: commissioned by Airstream Trailer Company and National Geographic Magazine. Travels overland for seven months from Cape Town, South Africa to Cairo Egypt.

1958 Moves to New York City after discharge from United States military. First major published work, of the Barnum and Bailey Circus, appears in Look magazine.

1957 Drafted into United States military service. Serves with second signal combat photography team at the army pictorial center in Long Island City, New York. Experiments widely with new type-C color materials and operates color lab for the military.

1956 Graduates from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, along with classmates Peter Bunnell, Paul Caponigro, Carl Chiarenza, Bruce Davidson, Ken Josephson, and Jerry Uelsmann. First published national work appears in Popular Photography Annual (USA).

1952 Enters Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in photography and art. Teachers include Ralph Hattersley, Robert Bagby, Les Strobel, and Minor White.

1948 Begins to experiment with the processing of color print and transparency material.

1945 Moves to Rochester, N.Y. Turner is introduced to photography and starts making and processing his first B&W photographs.

1934 Born May 30th in Albany, New York. Only child of parents Donald and Ruth. Father was a well known band leader of a twenty-three piece orchestra in Canada.